Michael Hood

Chief Executive Officer & Managing General Partner

Michael Hood is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner of the PIC group of companies. He has established operations and maintains extensive high level relationships with governmental administrations and agencies as well as senior industry executives Central America, North America, South America, the Middle East and Russia. He has a long track record of assessing market trends and business operations to grow highly profitable businesses. These have included business acquisitions, the development and implementation of optimum distribution methods and channel operations, the creation and initiation of new energy programs and provision of services such as terrestrial and maritime crude oil logistics, transportation, storage, and blending.

Mr. Hood has had a diversified career spanning over 25 years in exploration, production and drilling operations, and in real estate with a focus on land development. He began his energy career in field drilling with Royal Dutch Shell (RDS) in Venezuela and later in Colombia. His diversified training led him into contract drilling where he held operational and developmental management positions. Mr. Hood has worked on land rigs, jack-ups, multi-well platforms inshore & offshore and on semi-submersibles in harsh environment areas. He has held various international drilling supervisory roles. Prior to his work with PIC Mexico, Mr. Hood managed 47 onshore and offshore drilling operations in Trinidad & Tobago, Venezuela, Colombia and Peru, where he was involved in a world class drilling development that has produce to date 500+ million barrels. While his work has centered primarily around Latin America, he has also worked in South-East Asia and the West Coast of Africa where he implemented strategic partnerships and highly successful ventures with BHP, CHINA STATE OIL, EXXON-MOBILE, PETRO CANADA, ECOPETROL, PDVSA, SHELL OIL & GAS, ROYAL DUTCH SHELL (RDS), SINOPEC and THAI OIL CO.

Mr. Hood maintains an extensive and diverse base of knowledge of domestic and international political affairs and governmental foreign policies. He is experienced in working with domestic and international contract laws. Mr. Hood has completed various banking, finance and highly advanced technical courses and is fluent in many languages.