Guillermo Flores Loa

President & Director of Operations

Guillermo Flores Loa is the President and Director of Operations for PIC Mexico. Mr. Loa has over 30 years of leadership and operations experience in the oil and gas industry in Latin America, primarily working in conjunction with PEMEX. He is at the forefront of planning and implementing energy reform initiatives in Mexico, working closely with Government and Industry leadership to design innovative exploration and production strategies and to develop new opportunities to generate industry jobs and technical programs. In addition, Mr. Loa serves as a key consultant for the state-owned electric utility of Mexico, Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE) on various designs and implementations of the country’s expanding natural gas pipeline infrastructure and expansion of new technologies.

Prior to joining PIC, Mr. Loa was with PETROLEOS MEXICANOS S.A. de C.V. and/or affiliated related companies PRAXEL for 25 years. Where he gained extensive experience in the areas of exploration, development and operations for the production of crude oil and natural gas. While at PEMEX, Mr. Guillermo Flores Loa, was in charge of the Villahermosa, Tabasco operational facilities for PEMEX. Villahermosa is the capital city of the State of Tabasco (Mexico), which is located in the southernmost part of the Gulf of Mexico and is the axis of Mexico's oil and gas activities. Nearly the totality of Mexico’s oil and more than 90 percent of its natural gas is produced within a 200km radius of the city. Mr. Loa was also responsible for Maritime support services to PEMEX Gulf of Mexico Operations.