As the global demand for a decarbonizing (carbon-free) energy economy increases, the demand for clean fossil fuels is crucial. The PIC Group together with its strategic global partner, Mariner (GR), S.A., are at the forefront of LNG and regasification offshore operation and design.

Due to the advent of maritime shipping technology, Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU), the need for onshore facilities to receive LNG and degasify it are a thing of the past. This rapid growth is due to the lower cost, faster building, commercial flexibility, and reusable asset feature of FSRUs when in contrast to land-based Regasification onshore terminals which cannot be readily relocated and are regarded as a sunk cost.

As a result, for those countries with only access to the sea, the readily and available of flexible, FSRUs are vital to reduce the early risks of gas market development. The advancement and expansion market of FSRU is an example of one such modernization and an excellent introduction and analysis of this emerging vessel market.