Jay Shahidi

Financial Planner and Controller

Jay Shahidi is the Financial Planner and Controller of PIC, He has been in the field of Finance and Accounting for over 15 years in Australia and the United States. He has studied his BBA and MBA in Commerce and Professional Accounting at The University of Queensland Business School. He has worked in different Public and Private sectors and he has shown his ability to utilize decisive leadership and quantifiable profitability through cost controls, analytical reasoning and strengthening financial operations.

Prior to joining PIC, He was working as the Financial Controller for Shock Media Group, A private investment holding company in Irvine, CA, USA, where he was managing the cash flow and financials of the Holding and over 50 companies, trusts and partnerships under the Holding’s ownership. In his past experiences, he has managed many different Financial teams and startups to become a multi-million businesses by providing effective financial and strategic support.

Financial Partners and Treasury

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